Gini Gentry


There are as many paths to awakening as there are humans who follow them. This blog is about the path I have taken. Your Path will no doubt differ slightly, or terrifically, and it will be defined by its singularity. No matter the differences or contradictions, we are of the same essence. The differences that appear to distinguish us are only a reflection of the roles we have chosen to play in Maya’s Magical Theatre that we call life. So I simply offer you my experience as a guide-not a new set of rules-to the choices that may still await you.

Your life is your play. It is your personal production, therefore, only you can decide in the deepest place of truth what is needed and what is not. To begin your discovery, you must honestly determine if you have cast yourself in a lesser role than the one you came to play. More than likely you have answered yes. This is not the time for despair, the truth is liberating! Knowing you are the power behind your choices, also means you have the ability to change it all any time you choose. (more…)

Maya, Miguel & Our Many Masks

Since childhood, I’ve had a gnawing sense that life on earth is not intended to be as painful or serious as it seems.  In my dreams I would often see life as a grand game of virtual reality,  devised by some greater force for our soul’s enhancement.  Yet I had no outer support of this belief,  since I was the least likely person to undertake a journey of awakening-  I was way too cool to be spiritual.  Then, during a fateful 1988 trip to Peru,  I met a woman who would soon introduce me to a then unknown Mexican Toltec teacher:  don Miguel Ruiz.

Little did I suspect how life-changing that meeting with Miguel would be.  Immediately, he helped me to see that my “too cool”  attitude was one of the many masks that I had adopted to help me navigate through life.  He explained that, like everyone, I had worn masks such as “victim” or “authority” as outward tokens of my identity,  when,  in fact, none of them accurately described who I was. In fact, the essence of myself-the I am– was far greater than any of the ways I was accustomed to defining myself.  As I stripped off the layers of masks,  I felt my heart begin to open and I knew my life would never be the same. (more…)