Altered at the Altar

By Kelly Sullivan Walden, co-author of Dreaming Heaven

I loved the entire Teotihuacán journey…however, what I did not expect was the ceremony on the alter in front of the pyramid of the moon to be my favorite experience. Of all the stages of the journey, this is one I journaled about in most detail, so as to emblazon this memory forever. Here’s my journal entry from that night:

As I lay upon the alter in front of the pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacán, Mexico, under the blazing sun, upon the 2,000-year-old rocks and stone platform. Smoked sage and dirt waft through the air, I close my eyes, obscuring the ancient majestic pyramids. While the breezy flute entrances me in its ancient melody, my straw hat falls off my matted hair, exposing the crown of my head to the fiery heavens above. This is the place of sacrifice, where the ancient initiates offered their etheric double to Quetzalcoatl, in order to emerge as their true, light-filled, angelic selves.

Lee, with his blood shot crystalline eyes implores me to breathe in through my heart and out through the crown of my head.

Fair enough. I can do this.

Then he tells me to do the impossible. He tells me to breathe in the etheric double of everyone in our group, and send it up through the crown of MY HEAD to God.

What??? No Way!!! This is way too much! I can barely wrestle with my own Cruella de Ville, much less everyone else’s! My throat constricts, shoulders tighten, brow furrows: “How dare he…I can’t possibly be the filter through which everyone else’s ego must pass! What if they get stuck? What if they can’t pass it through and it becomes trapped in my body forever? God help me, what have I gotten myself into???

“Breathe!” Lee commands.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I didn’t have the fight in me to balk (with my outside voice) so I surrendered to the impossible…and I breathed…big and deep, each breath fuller and deeper than the one before. After a few minutes of this, surprisingly my heart opened…wider and wider with each breath. The cement wall of fear, doubt, and separation cracked and crumbled, yielding a cavern of grace within me.

“Don’t forget to send the energy up through your crown chakra,” he urged.

Feeling the lid above my head lift open, I became a channel of light expanding in proportion to the freight train of energy charging through me carrying the group’s etheric doubles. The more I breathed, the larger became my capacity to release this energy. Good Riddance!

My body trembled with an unexpected ecstasy. No longer concerned about it being too much to handle…all I have to do is let it ride through me, and once it leaves my crown, God will do the rest.

I am no longer sitting upon the gravel and stone, but floating as I travel through diamond fields of sight and sound, pulsating waves of unconditional universal love swirling through me.

Tears of relief spill down my cheeks in a river of awe, dissolving my Cruella de Ville sticky, tricky, icky masks of self-importance, screeching, “How dare you! Don’t you know who I am? You need me!”

I imagined being a contestant on The Price Is Right: behind door number one, the struggle of balancing my vanity, pride, and desire.

Behind door number two: the vast expanse of heavenly light stretched out before me in billowing waves of ever-expanding bliss.

As I choose door number two (duh!) it becomes humorous to me that all this time I’ve had a choice and didn’t realize it!  My laughter erupts in an earthquake, becoming contagious to the other members of my group (now free from their Etheric Doubles!)

To the passerby we must have looked a puppy pile of weeping and laughing weirdoes on a stone slab; sprawled at the base of a majestic pyramid of rocks mortared with prayers and intentions from generations past. As the flute encircles us with its breathy magic, we were reborn, in this place where men (and women) become gods (and goddesses.)

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Word Count 685

This is an excerpt from Dreaming Heaven  by Gini Gentry, Lee McCormick, Francis Rico and Kelly Sullivan Walden.  It is published by Hay House (Sept, 2013) and will be available at bookstores or online at

Kelly Sullivan Walden
Kelly Sullivan Walden is the co-author of Dreaming Heaven:The Beginning is Near (Hay House),  the powerful JourneyBook, DVD and meditation that enables you to walk in her footsteps, along with her fellow guides as they take you on a journey to your authentic self by following the pathways of the great mystery school at Teotihuacan, Mexico, first created by the Toltec masters thousands of year ago. Kelly is  the author of seven books, including the Bestseller, It’s All In Your Dreams, and Dream Oracle Cards. Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training.  Blogger for the Huffington Post, Kelly is also a regular dream expert on FOX news, she hosts the radio show, The D-Spot, and she’s recently been seen on Dr. Oz and the Ricki Lake Show. Currently in production of a Dream TV pilot about her unique work, Kelly, her husband Dana, and dogs Shadow and Lola are dreaming heaven in enchanted Topanga Canyon, CA. To find out more and receive free dream gifts, go to: and

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