Lee McCormick

Story of the Two Trees

Join Lee as he tells the Story of the Two Trees.  Discover how the biblical parable of the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden parallels our spirituality and path to awakening.

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Lee McCormick on Cool Radio in Hollywood

Have you seen this “Oldie but Goodie”? Lee McCormick is interviewed by recovery expert radio talk show host Bradley Quick on Cool Change a charity radio broadcast.

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A Prayer on the Walk Back Home

I am just here with you Creator. I am just here in you…

First thing this morning I went over to Gate #1 in Teotihuacan. Whenever I arrive back in Teo I like to walk through my life there as soon as I can, alone with myself, and my relationship with all that exists there. Today felt interesting as though I was now seeing this place of my awakening from a greater perspective, a less personal more expansive view. As always, being in Teotihuacan is more a feeling than a physical experience.

So I walked across the Avenue of the Dead and climbed the steps to the Plaza of Quetzalcoatl. Connections come easily here. After some time I said thank you to all that might be listening and moved up the Avenue of the Dead. (more…)