Dreaming Heaven Beyond The Curtains

By Gini Gentry, co-author of Dreaming Heaven

You and I live out our lives in a personalized version of reality on the stage of an immense Magical Theatre we call life. All things are possible in the magic, but most of us have lost touch with our choices on our journey and invested our faith in stories that describe our limited perception, rather than our infinite potential. We have told these stories of limitation with such frequency, we have come to accept them as fact, when in truth, they are little more than our own urban legends. Yet, in the Magical Theatre–preposterous as it may seem–YOU and I (and all others) are the producer, director, playwright and even the one who controls the floodlights of our awareness. If you could peer behind the backstage curtains, you would surely discover a secret beyond your wildest imagination: each of us is in charge of “dreaming” our humanity…for our soul’s expansion.

Perhaps you could sit with these thoughts for a minute and allow them to settle into the very fiber of your being. Place your awareness in your heart–for it has not forgotten who YOU really are. Your mind may want to revolt, but if you feel a compelling desire starting to form, why not take a chance? As you bravely consider questioning your own perception, are you willing to seize the opportunity to discover more about the enchanted astonishing being that YOU are…really.

If you are ready to come explore the magic, prepare for an E-ticket ride my friend for you are going to discover you are more powerful, profound and capable than you could have ever fathomed with your wildest out-of-the-box imagination. Delightedly, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can courageously seize this moment, entrust yourself to a journey back to your authentic self and discover the vastness of your being FOR YOURSELF. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You alone are final authority on your human life–the only one who can awaken to the truth of who you are. It’s your life, your virtual reality, your story–dream it any way you desire. But know, the doors of creation are flying open and the choice is yours! You can dream a reality of limitation and suffering or a dream of heaven on earth…You decide!!!

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