Dreaming Heaven, The Meditations take you on an inner journey into the heart of the sacred. Led by modern day Toltec Shamans, Lee McCormick and Frank Hayhurst, each of the 10 guided meditations will open your heart, dissolve your fear, expand your mind, and allow your soul the freedom to Dream Heaven on Earth. Dreaming Heaven, The Meditations bring the mystery, magic, and transformational power of Teotihuacán directly to your heart. Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can now be initiated and empowered to live your unique version of Dreaming Heaven.

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Welcome to the Journey. Life has called and we have responded, it is time we awaken from the deep sleep of our own beliefs and inherited Cultural blindness. This is the opening to the truth of who we are really. Thank you for responding, together we will travel the greatest hiway of all, the Hiway of our own Spirit. Welcome to Dreaming Heaven, the beginning is Near!
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Crossing the River

Once we have answered the calling of life and taken our first steps toward the light something interesting happens we find ourselves face to face with the Guardians of the Inner worlds and we must make the deep commitment to Cross the River!
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Plaza of Earth

Earth is the body of the Mother, the Divine Mother of all form as we know it. In Earth we come to terms with the relationship we have lived with our physical body and we have the opportunity to lay that old relationship to rest in Peace and dream a new relationship based in grace and acceptance.
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Plaza of Water

Water is the element of emotions. Allow water and emotion to flow through you and you will find an energetic freedom and clarity.
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Plaza of Air

Air is the element of the mind. Like out thoughts air is clear and etheric. We have come to believe our thoughts are “real” but are they really? To free our self from judgments and all the limitations of our clinging to the structure of our beliefs we have to learn to see “through” our beliefs and judgments allowing the realms of infinite possibilities to come to us.
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Plaza of Fire

Fire, the element of the Spirit, Fire the element of transformation  taking all it consumes and transforming the energy of form back into the flow of creation. As we release our attachments to our ideas of Spirit and Fire we are open to experience SPIRIT as Source.
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The Moon

The alter of the moon is a doorway between the dimensions of light and consciousness. The Pyrimid of the Moon is a mirror of the light of the Sun and the realm of the Divine Mother.
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Pyramid of the Sun

Our connection to source is eternal. In this world Humans have created physical alters in homage and connection to the infinite. The Sun is one of the greatest Structures of Love and Light in the world. Connect back to the source of our existence through this great alter.
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When we let go our our attachments, beliefs, demands and fears we suddenly open to the vast beauty and communion with Life that has been with us all along. As we travel back from such a life shifting experience we need to practice staying open and grounded, aware and focused in the moment. With our self, with our spirit with our  attention we awaken to a new way of living of Dreaming Heaven on Earth!
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