Mysteries at the Mystery School of Teotihuacan

By Francis Rico, co-author of Dreaming Heaven

The movie Dreaming Heaven shares a many-thousand-year-old path to illumination, filmed at an ancient sacred city of beautiful plazas, temples and pyramids known as Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Filming this carefully preserved and protected path to awakening for the first time ever was its own adventure in wildly mysterious happenings.

In the film, we join an intimate group of men and women, as they embark on a magical journey in search of life’s great secret of secrets.

The path to awakening on which they find themselves is totally unlike anything that our modern world cultures offer; it is not psychology, it’s not religion, it’s not a philosophy, it’s not meditation, it’s not contemplation, it’s not ritualistic, or ceremonial, or even the slightest bit ethereal.

And, while this ancient path to the mystery of who we really are shares the natural human desire to discover the truth of the “self,” it is its own absolutely unique process – a process of “digestion” – a digesting and stripping away of the stories, masks and dramas that make up the layers of our “mistaken” identities, the fearful beliefs and limitations that we allow to define ourselves until only the authentic central essence remains.

The ancient image used to symbolize this process of digestion is that of a two-headed snake!

This image is not literal; it’s not intended to represent an actual snake with a head at each end.  Rather, it symbolizes an active process of being taken in and digested free of all layers of identity by “Quetzalcoatl” – the great avatar that metaphorically symbolizes the energetic field effect of Teotihuacan.  And then, the essence of the being is “spoken” by the snake’s other head -spoken back into the manifest world.

This “speaking” of the being-into-manifestation occurs in the same way that the Bible states “in the beginning was the word.” The awakened essence of the being is spoken like that, back into what we could call “normal” reality.

This is why Teotihuacan has forever been known as “the place where one awakens to God within.”

The community of healers, seers, shaman, educators, artists and scientists that directed the vibrant growth of Teotihuacan over the centuries were called “Toltecs”  – a term that in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, meant “artists of spirit.”

The Toltecs were not a single tribal or cultural group – they came from a great many different ethnic and linguistic peoples. The Toltecs were educators and guides, master artists of spirit and guardians of the living legacy of mystical teachings and practices.

And, the “Toltecs” are still here with us!

Toltecs have continued through the ages to teach that our lives can be a dream of heaven on earth – a dream filled with an abundance of peace, happiness, grace and love. In Dreaming Heaven, we learn that this life is open to anyone who is willing to take the first step on this path.

Modern day Toltec spirit guide Lee McCormick describes the ways we can use our capacity to decide for ourselves how we will respond to the experiences of our lives: “We can take the awesome power we already have – the power to dream an entire reality – and choose to dream a life of Heaven on Earth.”

The Dreaming Heaven movie is dramatic, powerful and entertaining, but it goes further – it invites you to consider the question: “What if waking up to your magnificence is where the new story of your life begins?”

This isn’t the movie that Lee McCormick set out to make. But it’s the movie that is now sweeping across the cultural landscape – along with a JourneyBook that takes one through the various steps along this path, a CD of visualizations/meditations for each step, and a robust soundtrack CD that proves that modern day Toltec’s rock!

Lee, who is a recognized leader and innovator in the Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Rehab world, began exploring shamanism and indigenous wisdom traditions for his own personal interest, and for ways that treatment programs could be enhanced and made more effective.

In the course of his exploration, he discovered and began collaborating with a number of guides at Teotihuacan, working with the wisdom contained within the Toltec mysteries.  What Lee saw, learned, embraced–and came to love–was a possibility of recovery, and redemption and restoration, that was so profound that he began bringing people from the treatment and rehab world to experience Teotihuacan for themselves.

Very quickly, Lee became one of the family, embraced by the people, and with Alberto Hernandez, created a center for people to stay while they experienced the process of Teo. It is a beautiful home, with a large kitchen, and plenty of rooms – the Dreaming House.

One day, in Teo, Lee had a vision:  the way he could show the power and effectiveness of Teotihuacan as a complimentary treatment modality was not to write about it, or talk about it, but to film it.  And he set about to do just that.

He brought in a beloved spiritual leader and guardian of the Toltec legacy, Nagual Woman Gini Gentry.  Gini’s teachings and book Dreaming Down Heaven have made her a “cultural treasure” of the worldwide spiritual community. And, her presence would insure that the film was solidly anchored in ancient Toltec wisdom.

Gini recommended that Lee bring in one additional Toltec spirit guide to help with the energetic realities of Teotihuacan – and that was how I got involved – as a support person for the people involved in the movie.
In Teo, this nicely-structured plan got turned on its head immediately.

Film producer and Director Dana Walden arrived in Teo with his crew and immediately began shooting film – his way of beginning to see the people, location, possibilities and energy of the place.

Gini, Lee and I have good chemistry and rapport with each other – but in Teo, the scope of what we were really doing became apparent. Wewere all human beings on the path to awakening.  From this point of view, alcohol and drug addiction just represented a few of the variety of strategies that humans use in their distress at having allowed themselves to live inauthentic,limited and frightened lives.

Then, something truly magical happened. Because Dana’s allegiance was not to a preconceived “product, but rather to the authentic flow of what was really happening, Teotihuacan’s energetic presence stepped into the film, and began co-creating and shaping the project – almost as if there was a message that Teo wished the world to see, and the whole set up with Lee had just been to get Toltec guides, a visionary producer, film crew, and some nice people into place!

Cameramen became invisible – no longer outsiders filming people and places as objects of interest, but rather filming the magic of transformation occurring even as they themselves were going though the very same processes.

Places where no one was ever allowed to film before magically became open and available – as if Teo was orchestrating what was to be shown on the film. The beauty and magic of the plazas, temple and pyramids became dazzling.

And the people lost all sense that there were cameras rolling. The entire filming of the experience merged with the experience, to become one movement towards awakening.

This awakening is what Dreaming Heaven shares – it is a gift to the world from Lee, from the filmmakers, and from the people who allowed themselves to be filmed. And above all, it is a gift from Teotihuacan, whose radiant beauty now invites you to come and experience this timeless path to awakening, to a life of joy, peace, and love, for yourself.

We’re in agreement that there is a lot about life that is very “dream-like.” People especially make this discovery at the end of their lives or in life crisis.  Dreaming Heaven is a remarkable reminder that you have a choice of how to live life, and, it’s a powerful message that you, too, can live a life that is heaven on earth.

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Francis Rico is the co-author of Dreaming Heaven:The Beginning is Near (Hay House),  the powerful JourneyBook, DVD and meditation that enables you to walk in the footsteps of Francis and his fellow guides as they take you on a journey to your authentic self by following the pathways of the great mystery school at Teotihuacan, Mexico, first created by the Toltec masters thousands of year ago. He is also author of A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty, which combines ancient and modern shamanic wisdom with an irrepressible advocacy for having fun. Francis brings music and simple embodiment practices to journeys to sacred places of magic and mystery, and he also produces films of indigenous wisdom that can be seen at For more information, go to or

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