A Prayer on the Walk Back Home

I am just here with you Creator. I am just here in you…

First thing this morning I went over to Gate #1 in Teotihuacan. Whenever I arrive back in Teo I like to walk through my life there as soon as I can, alone with myself, and my relationship with all that exists there. Today felt interesting as though I was now seeing this place of my awakening from a greater perspective, a less personal more expansive view. As always, being in Teotihuacan is more a feeling than a physical experience.

So I walked across the Avenue of the Dead and climbed the steps to the Plaza of Quetzalcoatl. Connections come easily here. After some time I said thank you to all that might be listening and moved up the Avenue of the Dead.

An hour or so later I arrived at the Alter in front of the Pyramid of the Moon. It is on this alter that so many have offered back to Life all of the energies that have been held onto over a lifetime not realizing that it is our clinging that traps us in our minds and feeds our suffering. Of course we have no idea until we wake up to what we are doing and then it is still a great leap to be willing to let go of everything we use to define our world and ourselves.

Sitting on the alter I heard my mantra, one that I picked up in the Catholic Church and have always loved to say to myself and all that listens within me, “Lamb of God take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us, Lamb of God take away the sins of the world, grant us Peace”. I was slowly saying my mantra over and over when I was moved to take some Coca leaves from Peru from my bag and hold them with a great open and loving heart sending my prayers into the light that falls on the Peruvian world. Sitting with my eyes closed I heard someone walk up beside me and a gruff almost angry voice said, “Jesus Christ is the way son, Jesus Christ is the only way”. Opening my eyes there was a 60 something year old American guy looking down at me like I was da Devil. I guess he couldn’t hear my mantra or if he could he wasn’t too hot on Catholic prayers…whatever. I just looked at him. There was nothing to say. Evidently he believed we lived in the same world and the truth is we don’t.

I closed my eyes and rejoined the love that moves through me wondering if the man would have even cared to know what I was praying. I don’t think so, who knows, who cares.

Once again I got up and continued my walk through the magical world of Teo eventually ending up in front of the Pyramid of the Sun. Climbing the steps to the Alter in front of the Sun I put my attention on the doorway to the ancient cave that rests beneath the Pyramid. Last winter I had the opportunity to spend some time in the cave and that experience shifted my relationship with the Pyramid to something very etheric.

Taking out my bells I gently let the wind ring the bells and dreamed back through the 10 years of personal growth and evolution that I’ve lived with the Sun as my witness. Opening my eyes I sat and watched people climb and descend the steps to and from the top, listening to the conversations of the people coming and going. Looking up I saw the man that offered Jesus as the way coming down the steps and right behind him was a Franciscan Monk and some Nuns, their robes flowing with the breeze. As I looked around there was a Mexican man dressed all in white that was saying prayers to the four directions and the spirits of his world, offering his hands up toward the Pyramid. Many paths. Many masters. I just sat and watched.

A few minutes later I realized I was hungry and our Dreaming House has the best food this side of all our little heavens so again I got up and started walking home. On the way the words…”I am just here with you father, I am just here with you, I am just here in you Creator, I am just here in you…and that is the truth.

Lee McCormick


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  1. I have enjoyed the experience of reading about your awakening. I would love to experience Teothihuacan with such an amazing group of beings!!

  2. Mary Lou says:

    As I become ready, alas, the teachers appear. As my eyes begin to focus, the path is enlarged. As I remember who I really am, I find that the dream is what is real, and the real was but a dream. Thank you…

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