Presiding Over My Own Burial

By Kelly Sullivan Walden, co-author of Dreaming Heaven

In the Plaza of Earth we give up our attachment to our physical body. In the western world, so many of us women (some men, too) would say, “Good riddance!”

I was one of those westerners. When I was younger I was so caught up in the fashion magazines, having absorbed the myth that my legs should look like pencils. No matter how much I starved myself, I remember hearing myself say, “I HATE my thunder thighs!”

I had to swallow the bitter pill that even after fasting, dieting and running for miles in saran wrap, I was never going to look like Supermodel Elle McPherson. She was the marker of what was attractive …and I’d never be that, so I rejected myself on a daily basis.

Until I stood in the dirt of the Plaza of Earth, faced with the task of saying goodbye to my physical body, did I start to feel the tiniest glimpse of remorse:

“Hey wait…I kind of like this body…It’s not so bad. I’m not quite ready to give it up. Even though it never looked the way I thought it should, it has been relatively healthy, functional…and even beautiful in its own way.”

I heard the song Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell playing in the background of my mind, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…”

What a shame! What a bummer! What a loss to have not spent more time appreciating my physical vehicle—regardless of the fact that it was never going to be a size two.

Instead of starving it, hating it, wrestling it into clothes that were too tight, hiding it behind clothes that were too loose, berating it, and feeling burdened by it like a cursed albatross, I could have been celebrating the millions of daily miracles that happen in within every cell, atom, organ, bone, tendon, and tissue of this living, breathing one-of-a-kind phenomenon that is my body.

I felt ridiculous for having treated it so poorly for all those years. I vowed, if given a chance, to make it right. In the blazing Teotihuacán sun, I scurried around the Plaza of Earth with a vengeance, collecting rocks, twigs, and as many purple wild flowers as I could, and created the most beautiful altar to my body known to man. I found a pinkish, smooth rock to represent what I formerly called a flesh bag, but now knew as my personal work of art. As I laid it down gently into the soft ground, I wept with gratitude for it, praising it, asking it for forgiveness, and ultimately…releasing it.

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This is an excerpt from Dreaming Heaven  by Gini Gentry, Lee McCormick, Francis Rico and Kelly Sullivan Walden.  It is published by Hay House (Sept, 2013) and will be available at bookstores or online at

Kelly Sullivan Walden
Kelly Sullivan Walden is the co-author of Dreaming Heaven:The Beginning is Near (Hay House),  the powerful JourneyBook, DVD and meditation that enables you to walk in her footsteps along with her fellow guides as they take you on a journey to your authentic self by following the pathways of the great mystery school at Teotihuacan, Mexico, first created by the Toltec masters thousands of year ago. Kelly is  the author of seven books, including the Bestseller, It’s All In Your Dreams, and Dream Oracle Cards. Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training.  Blogger for the Huffington Post, Kelly is also a regular dream expert on FOX news, she hosts the radio show, The D-Spot, and she’s recently been seen on Dr. Oz and the Ricki Lake Show. Currently in production of a Dream TV pilot about her unique work, Kelly, her husband Dana, and dogs Shadow and Lola are dreaming heaven in enchanted Topanga Canyon, CA. To find out more and receive free dream gifts, go to: and

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