Settling My Affairs

By Kelly Sullivan Walden, co-author of Dreaming Heaven

When the notion of  “settling my affairs” was first presented to me, I must admit, it set off all my inner alarm bells. I sat in my hotel room in Teothuican that night and wrote my Last Will and Testament while shaking like a leaf. I wouldn’t describe myself at this point to be fearless, at all, but more like one who felt the fear, and crawled on my belly along the journey anyway.

I don’t know that I’ve ever cried so hard as I did during this exercise (ok, if you’ve seen the movie Dreaming Heaven you’ve seen me cry…like a banshee in The Place of the Woman…but the tears I’m talking about here were torrential.) I wailed that night because I truly stepped into the place of saying goodbye to all my loved ones. I wrote them each a love letter, appreciating them, forgiving them, praising them, listing the precious memories, and acknowledging how much they meant to me.

I always fancied myself a free-flowing type that could live and let live while easily facing death. I had no idea how untrue that was. I never knew how attached I was to all people, places, and things of the 3-D world. I was shocked at the tree-trunk sized umbilical chords I had to my husband, my sisters, my mother, father, dog, and friends. All I can say is thank God Gini Gentry’s hotel room was adjacent to mine because she heard my howls through the wall and busted in to embrace me like an angel as I sobbed.

I don’t mean to scare you…you may truly be a much more free-floating “in this world, but not of it” type than I was. But if you are attached, it’s ok. All I know is that “Settling Our Affairs,” as strange as it may seem, is the first step to being able to live with freedom, presence, and authenticity.

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This is an excerpt from Dreaming Heaven  by Gini Gentry, Lee McCormick, Francis Rico and Kelly Sullivan Walden.  It is published by Hay House (Sept, 2013) and will be available at bookstores or online at

Kelly Sullivan Walden
Kelly Sullivan Walden is the co-author of Dreaming Heaven:The Beginning is Near (Hay House),  the powerful JourneyBook, DVD and meditation that enables you to walk in her footsteps along with her fellow guides as they take you on a journey to your authentic self by following the pathways of the great mystery school at Teotihuacan, Mexico, first created by the Toltec masters thousands of year ago. Kelly is  the author of seven books, including the Bestseller, It’s All In Your Dreams, and Dream Oracle Cards. Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training.  Blogger for the Huffington Post, Kelly is also a regular dream expert on FOX news, she hosts the radio show, The D-Spot, and she’s recently been seen on Dr. Oz and the Ricki Lake Show. Currently in production of a Dream TV pilot about her unique work, Kelly, her husband Dana, and dogs Shadow and Lola are dreaming heaven in enchanted Topanga Canyon, CA. To find out more and receive free dream gifts, go to: and

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