The Dreaming Heaven workshop follows the same practices and processes used by the ancient masters of Teotihuacan. Created to guide aspirants back to a connection with their authentic selves. This deeper truth of ones self is revealed through ceremonies and teachings that ignite the energetic heart of awakening.

This is not a psychological process – it’s not analytical or intellectual. And, it is not based on any of the many traditions of meditation, yoga, martial arts, or healing arts. It is truly unique in the world. It’s a dynamic and highly interactive process of discovery of who we really are – a journey fueled by the progressive letting go of what we are not.

“Nothing I’ve done in 20 years of attending ‘spiritual’ workshops has compared to the absolutely unique experience of Dreaming Heaven, and I highly recommend it to all of my friends, and to anyone who is settling for less!” says Betsy Chasse, producer, director and writer (What the Bleep Do We Know).

“I’ve been to Teotihuacan several times, and I’ve experienced the other-worldly power of the plazas and pyramids, and the real depth of the process. And for me, the Dreaming Heaven workshop created the full dynamic energy and magic of the transformational experience of Teotihuacan. It was every bit as amazing as being there.” reports Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dream Doctor and best selling author (I Had the Strangest Dream),

Toltec spirit guide Lee McCormick explains, ” The time to create a dream of heaven on earth is NOW! We’re presenting Dreaming Heaven workshops because it’s time to bring out every tool we have in support of this global transformation – not just for our own sake, but for the sake of all of life on the planet.”

“In over 30 years of working with indigenous elders, healers and spiritual teachers in North, Central, and South America, I’ve never encountered anything like the process we use in the Dreaming Heaven workshop. The ancient Toltecs who built Teotihuacan were guided by a vision of Creation and the potential of our lives that is as relevant and potent today as it was thousands of years ago” comments spirit guide Francis Rico.

“It’s not only the stories we tell ourselves and others that constrain us, but it’s also our beliefs that keep us imprisoned in such limited roles. The Dreaming Heaven workshop offers the opportunity to dismantle the myth of our imperfection and reclaim our authentic nature. By remembering the truth of who we are, we recover our birthright of love, our inheritance of wholeness, and our legacy of happiness” shares spirit guide Gini Gentry.

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